The Beginning of A Mother and Son's Journey with Dementia   (20 minutes)

EPISODE 1 of Joe's story of taking care of his Mum - Molly.  Over 50 Episodes, many of which are on YouTube.    

I  (Joe) decided to create a weekly video series allowing everyone to watch as we fight this horrible battle with Dementia. You'll laugh, cry and be shocked throughout this journey.

MUM AND ME (Alzheimer's Documentary)   (59 minutes)

This powerful documentary, first broadcast in 2009, hit a chord with thousands of people – not just those who are dealing with a relative who has Alzheimer's. The film was an unusual departure from Sue Bourne’s normal approach because she turned the cameras on herself and her family to make the documentary. Sue’s mother Ethel has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home in Scotland. For three years Sue and her daughter Holly filmed the time they spent together with Ethel. The reason Bourne wanted to make this film was that everything she had seen about Alzheimer's had been terribly sad and depressing. Yet her experience with Holly and Ethel was that, in spite of her mother having Alzheimer’s, the three of them still managed to laugh and enjoy their time together. The resulting film is an unusual portrait of living with Alzheimer’s - a funny, charming, quirky and sometimes harrowing record of how the family have managed to fumble along making the most of their time together in spite of the ravages of Alzheimer's. It is a simple story of love and laughter – and of trying to make the most of what you have. Made all the easier by the personality of Ethel who turns out to be the undoubted star of the film.


Losing Greg: A Dementia Story (27 minutes)  

When Greg Kelly was diagnosed with early-onset dementia at 59, it turned his family's lives upside down. This report follows his exploration of a Danish dementia village, as he seeks the best care solutions.

For 40 years Greg worked in finance, but now the weekly grocery shop is too much for him. "This is a terminal illness, with an average of 6-8 years", he explains. With limited care options in Australia for young dementia patients, Greg heads to Denmark, where €63m has been spent developing new approaches to the disease. Can he find independence in Svendborg Dementia Village?


Dad's Dementia - Frustrations  (5 minutes)

RICHARD:  Sadly since making this video my father passed away in a care home. He was looked after extremely well, but it wasn't how I would have liked him to go. By then it was pretty oblivious too much of life and the world.




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